Culture & Heritage

Asansol is an industrial city known for its expansive coal mines in the country. It is the second-largest city in the state of West Bengal and the headquarters of the Paschim Bardhaman district. The Bardhaman district attracts a large number of visitors not only for thriving industries but also for the lovely tourist places to visit in Asansol. With scenic picnic spots, sacred temples, old churches, pretty parks, arts, and literature, the city of Asansol is a surprise waiting to be unraveled.

Asansol lies on the banks of the river Damodar and is rich in minerals. The city gets its name from the ‘Asan’ a type of tree found on the banks of the Damodar and ‘Sol’ which means land. Asansol is thus a portmanteau of the two words. The city was once at the receiving end of an unfortunate anglicizing as ‘Assensole’ thanks to the British. This decision was wisely reversed after Independence.