Kanyashree Prakalpa has been designed to ensure that girls stay in school and delay their marriages till at least age of 18. Kanyashree’s strategy is simple, keeping girls away from marriage till exact age and keeping them in the streamline of their education, to do that government facilitates these girls with financial aid. It has changed the behavioural attitude particularly who wants to marry their girl child before 18 years of age.

The scheme has two components:

  • Annual scholarship of Rs. 1000.00
  • One time grant of Rs. 25,000.00

The first is K1, an annual scholarship of Rs. 1000/- to be paid annually to the girls from 13 to 18 years of age group for every year that they remain in education, provided they are unmarried at the time.

The second benefit is K2, a one-time grant of 25,000/-, to be paid when girls turn 18, provided that they are engaged in an academic or occupations pursuit and are unmarried at the time.

The main focus of the scheme is to reduce dropout rate and prevent early marriage of girl child.