District Social Welfare Section

About/features/functions of the Section:-

The main objective of the District Social Welfare Section is to provide assistance in kind or allowances to reduce the vulnerability of the weaker section of the society through implementing various programmes for children, destitute & violence affected women, older persons and persons & students with disabilities.

The District Child Protection Unit, an annex functionary that functions towards ensuring the protection of child rights through effective networking and linkages with ICDS functionaries, Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAA), GOs & NGOs dealing with child protection issues by implementing revised ICPS guidelines and Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 & WBJJ Rules, 2017. DCPU also works to prevent child marriage, child trafficking by taking preventive measures like campaigning, organizing awareness programmes with the support of police authority, CHILDLINE and local bodies.

Another annex unit, Child Welfare Committee works towards disposing of cases for the care, protection, treatment, development and rehabilitation of children in need of care & protection and to provide for their basic needs and protection of human rights.

Formation of Juvenile Justice Board, which works for the children conflicted with law, is under process.