Ghagar Buri Temple

Category Religious

Ghaghar Burhi is on the outskirts of Asansol city, by the side of the National Highway (Bypass) in West Bengal, India. It is a small shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is the oldest temple of Asansol. Worship is held every Tuesday and Saturday. A country fair is held on 15 January every year. Animals are sacrificed as part of worship.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The Kazi Nazrul Islam airport is present within the district.

By Train

The district has two major Rail stations: Asansol Railway Station and Durgapur Railway Station.

By Road

The distance of Durgapur from the State Capital (Kolkata) is 173 Kms which is a 3 hours 45 minutes journey via NH19. Kolkata to Asansol is 213 Kms which is a 4 hours 35 minutes journey via NH19 and AH1.